[Showcase] New World Inspired Fishing minigame

i havent really seen any good fishing minigames on here. i loved the New World minigame and decided to take a crack at making it inside FiveM. This is my progress so far. wanted to see if people had any kind of interest in something like this. if so i may make a standalone version available. also new to js/html so this is my first attempt at making a minigame

[update] 1

I’ve added animations and the rest of the stages for fishing from new world.

  1. Bobber: Wait for the a fish to take interest in the bait. Bobber will start bobbing up and down to show a fish is about to bite

  2. Hook: now you have to react quickly or the fish will get away!

  3. Reel: nows time to fight the fish in a battle of tug o war, careful not to pull too hard or the line will snap.

[update] 2 - working in game PREVIEW

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Oi, that’s fucking genius nice one

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Nice! Ill buy it

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that looks great!!

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