Shady Acres Roleplay

We are an Economy Based Serious-RP Community for RedM that allows you to live out a life as if its the real deal and have interactions with organizations, or whether to be with the law, medical services, or with the justice system and even spending time in jail or prison.

We have an Active Staff and the server is being constantly updated and upgraded to provide the best experience for the community! Looking for a place to settle down and build memories, don’t look any further and read ahead and check out some of the features, there are too many things to speculate on and to talk about so come find out what we have to offer! Shady Acres has a friendly and active roleplay community. Join the discord to gain access to the server! There is NO Teamspeak Required! Join the Discord today and chose your path within the community here at Shady Acres Roleplay!

We have the following to promote Realism and Quality of Life:
➼ Large Variety of Jobs
➼ Economy Based
➼ Crafting
➼ Hunger and Thirst
➼ Realistic Injuries and Sickness
➼ Housing & Properties
➼ Duel Wielding
➼ Drivable and Rideable Trains
➼ Telegrams
➼ Drug Processing and Selling
➼ Hunting Birds
➼ Law Enforcement, Military, and Government
➼ Bounty Hunting
➼ Collect Herbs in the Wilds
➼ Ranching and Farming
➼ Fishing and Hunting
➼ Robberies and Heists
➼ Gunsmithing and Blacksmithing
➼ Horse Taming and Training
➼ Pets including Pet Trainers and Veterinarians
➼ Mining and Goldpanning
➼ Lumberjacking
➼ Travel to Mexico and Guarma
➼ Gem Cutting
➼ Hot Air Balloons
➼ And so Much More!

Get your cowboy hats on and join in on the fun!
[ Discord : Shady Acres Roleplay ]
[ Direct Connect : Shady Acres Roleplay | MUMBLE | $500 Starter Cash | Horse Breeding & Training | Player Ran Economy | Medical Services, Law Enforcement, Government & Military | Trains | Robberies | Drugs | Farming and Ranching | Pets | Realistic Injuries | Housing | Discord Allowlist / ]