Not to be overlooked or see its value underestimated: Handling is the only reason me and my crew mod GTAs It is the only reason we are still on MTA and not on IVMP Will it be the reason we are on FiveMR? SetVehicleHandling is life or death for drifters, crazy drivers, rock crawlers, racers drag or otherwise. We need it yesterday.

Oh and Welcome back FiveM. We missed you.

Handling.meta can be added clientsided for sure, not sure if it can be done serversided by that syntax.


@Boss No it can’t.

@Boss Yes like painting by email I can instruct one thing through a different medium to roughly achieve what it is I would like to create. At an average of 1-2 minutes per adjustment, with the average great handle requiring 1000s of tiny adjustments to create just one of a dozen handles of great variety that define a drivers daily gta experience on MTA. Handles, which can only be built properly in real time, server side. Anything less is just a Zentorno on flat tires. Not worth driving. A Handle set remotely through the .meta file is not a Handle.

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