Setting to change game version

Currently sv_enforceGameBuild does not work, it results in an cmdsys No such command sv_enforceGameBuild. if you put it into the blank.cfg file.

Would be nice if we could have an option to change the game version to E.G mptuners

By default, FxDK runs on the latest game build:

You can’t set server launch parameters in the fxdk (yet!, hopefully)

It does not run on the latest version, for me. E.G the diamond casino for me is still the very old one (no entry, nothing).
I also can’t access any newer stuff like some of the tuners cars.

You also manually have to update your server artifacts.

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How is that related to this topic?!

Also, normal server launch should read this value fine from the cfg, you don’t need to ‘add it as a launch argument’ since a few months+ now.

SDK mode takes the last build number from the main game, so if you’ve launched it with -b2372 or last joined a 2372 server it should run in 2372 as well.

Wait, there is an argument for the client to launch a specific build ? man, the more you know!