Server wont launch after adding serverside car mods

server wont launch after adding serverside car mods. Followed tutorial in tutorials section exactly and still cant launch.

here is screenshot of citmp-server.yml:

Post screenshots of each folder as well.

(Main Server Folder)

(Resources Folder)

(Assets Folder)

(Streams Folder)

Those are all my folders in the server

@Wolfstrike Is that __resource.lua file a single underscore or two? Should be two


I believe its a single underscore. Thanks for the info will try double underscore

Im Getting the Same sort of Issue

@MrTimmyyTV @Wolfstrike
Check citmp-server.yml file. You see this box on the left on resources list? From this point you use TAB to make spaces between left edge and dash symbol. Replace this by spaces (space bar) to delete this box.

@KatanaDriver I did that and it still wont work

You are sure, that you use spaces, not tabs on all spaces between all resources? Server now crashing, or sows some errors?

im Sure i used spaces. Server Attempts to load up then just crashes

@MrTimmyyTV Have you tried getting it to work with just one or two car mods? I’ve had no luck separating things into folders, in the stream folder. I have only been able to stream with files only, in the stream folder. I have not bothered streaming car mods though, so if that is different, I am unaware.

Did you delete the cache?

@Boss Am i Meant to delete the cache. @GeorgeJetson Ill try that thanks

The server cache, yes.

Just did that. its loads up the Gui Interface then crashes

Something is wrong. Post the contents of your citmp again.

I believe that server package isn’t done yet. It’s not just ‘assets’ you want to add. It’s a whole lot more…

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