Server won´t show in server list!

After trying out a bunch of stuff im still not able to get my server to show in the server list.
Heres the things ive done so far.

  • Port forwarded all needed ports (30120/30110)
  • Updated artifacts
  • Made a sempty cript with __resource.lua
  • #sv_master1
  • Server DOES send heartbeats

Im running out of solutions so seeking help here.


Have a friend attempt to connect via the F8 panel. They can do this by typing “connect [server IP]”. If they can’t join, it means you made a mistake with port forwarding - otherwise, you may of unlisted it in server.cfg

Players are able to connect via direct connect. Just checked my sv_key –

  • Public listing

  • Not present.

  • Last heartbeat received

1 minute ago

double-check your ports make sure there correctly ported

Checked a few times now:( still nothing.

make sure your key in you server.cfg is correct im willing to hop into your dis

As players can connect via direct-connect, it isn’t an issue with port forwarding. Next thing to try is open your server.cfg; search for “sv_master”

It should look like this:

If it doesn’t, change it so it has the # in front of it.

Please read the topic:)

sometimes if you type hearthbeat multiple times in the console ( Not in-game console, but the vps/zap what ever you are using),it should show up eventually. Had a similar issue a while ago, even though it said it is sending hearthbeats. Also, make sure your language settings, tags and etc are valid, as sometimes that can cause it not to show up

Will try that out.

Thanks for your reply:)