Server Time is freezed

Hello, does someone know, why the Server Time is freezed and not synced, because in Multifive the time is synced to all players and changes. In Fivereborn the time is freezed.

It’s not?

I’ve had this issue as well, sometimes my time freezes, and other times a few of my mate’s times freeze whilst everyone else is synced

@Boss yeah it is, I’ve asked many people on servers and all of them told me that the time is not synced and are freezed. Only If I leave the Server and rejoin it the time changed but still are freezed so the hole time that I’m playing on the server the time doesn’t change.

I’ve tried to play with a completly fresh installed Fivereborn and I have the same issue like before. I testet it in Multifive and noticed that the time there changes and is synced to the players.

Time syncing is always diffrent. Sometimes it’s synced, sometimes it’s not.