Server sided mod hosting

hey guys,

So since yesterday i started using FiveReborn.

Love it, endless options etc. tho one issue i’m running into now…

I’d love to use my dedicated server as the FTP as well as being it the server (meaning client will automatically get the necessary files in order to play/join)

Searched my butt off to find the solution/script to it, without any success so far…

Anyone who knows what or how to do it? would be hugely appreciated.


Alex (SuicideMonky)

well you would need to set up all the streaming for the files you want them to receive etc

@GanjaMonster Streaming means what? sorry very new to it

streaming means the server will send files to the client that is connected correct, then when they join their default or custom files they have installed will be overwritten by your server forcing them to load your models and textures only at this time everything else still needs to be installed client sided

@GanjaMonster i just tried to, gave me an error in game soon as i tried to spawn a replaced vehicle which is being streamed

How about an example if you don’t mind me asking. I am setting up a drift server for lan playing with my sons. i’m looking for a tutorial on how to use handling.meta or any handling for drifting on server.side to stream to client.

@GEEKmechanic check youtube turtorials on how to add Lua cfg ‘stream’ files as in example your handling meta, for as far as i know, you’ll have to ‘covert’ it into lua since server files don’t support Meta yet, tho they’re working on it so won’t take long before you can use that feature as well

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