Server side .ytd / .yft | Client side .meta files? Thoughts?

Technically, couldn’t a server owner for say, a roleplay clan, stream the modded police vehicles such as a custom Ford Explorer, or police3, off of the server, but have their members install the .meta files required for the vehicles? In theory that should work, right? I just have no way to test it currently. In one of Bayareabuggs’ new SAPDFR Episode 1, in the intro you can see a custom police motorcycle, yet they got that to work in-game. Finally, what is the exact reasoning a .meta file cannot be streamed off of the server? How could a vehicles meta file be used to hack a player? I heard that’s why they are disabled from a YouTube video. Just a thought thread…

@iAmEMT I know this isnt really the place to ask but can you help me get my car mods to work on my server please?

@West-Coast-Wookie Use this. It’s pretty straight forward. From there just place a .ytd or .yft file in. There is currently no support for .meta files.

@iAmEMT thanks for the help but I was able to find a step by step tutorial :slight_smile:

@West-Coast-Wookie thanks for messing up a perfectly fine topic.

No, you’re able to use .meta’s clientsided and stream the vehicles from the server.

How to install .meta on the serveur ?

@JP said in Server side .ytd / .yft | Client side .meta files? Thoughts?:

How to install .meta on the serveur ?

You can’t. Only client-sided.

@Boss Exactly what I was thinking. Why is there no support for a .meta yet? Is it a limitation or something?