Server side blip

When creating a blip using the server RPC native, how can I modify other parameters like color, display and name since those are not available server-side? Do I need to do that client side? and if so, how do I access that blip from the client side since it’s id is not recognized by the client (DoesBlipExist returned false on the client)

You May Create blips or markers or rectangles, basically anything that relates to the Client Gameplay Screen in the Client side.

Naturally, but my question specifically is about the server RPC native for creating blips, I corrected the post title and body since I wrongfully referred to it as “marker” out of habit.
The only reason I’m interested in that server side native is because entity blips won’t work for entities out of the player’s own grid when using onesync, the only solution being “emulating” an entity blip using client/server events at the cost of a small latency, which is quite unpleasant.
The server native for creating blips does work and render the blip on the client, but I can’t edit other parameters from it like color, label, and so on, since those are not exposed to rpc (yet?)

yea thats is also my question how to edit blip on server side color text add size blip etc…

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