Server seems not to show up on the master list anymore

Hello, I’m having an issue finding my server (GTA Cops & Robbers) in the master list.
It used to pop up when I searched for “cnr” or “gtacnr”, but right now it doesn’t show up, and the player count has decreased by a lot.

I can still see it in the pinned list, however, some players reported they don’t see it there anymore.

I can also see it on

The server URL is 🔨 BETA 🚨 Grand Theft Auto: Cops & Robbers | 🚙 GTA: CnR 🚓 | | ✨ Unique | ⭐ Criminals | 👮‍♂️ Police | 🩺 Paramedics | 🚘 Lore-Friendly | 🎮 Controller-Friendly /

Our August patreon membership has also been paid.

Config file:

If we did anything wrong, please let me know and we will resolve the issue ASAP.

Thank you for helping me out :slight_smile:

If you still see it anywhere (including the web server list’s outdated codebase or the pinned list), it still exists, but it just doesn’t match your search query. There is no way it can ‘only show for some’ or only in some places. In addition to that, your server name doesn’t contain ‘gtacnr’ so of course it won’t show up for that, and searching ‘cnr’ not showing may be as you have a filter set in-game but not on the website (see the little ‘1’ at the filter box).

Search matches are only done on what is displayed as server owners would often add a lot of competing server names to pollute search results.

Player count decreasing can be due to anything, not necessarily a listing change, though all signs point towards your listing functioning fine but you just not searching for the right terms.

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You are right, I had a filter on and didn’t notice. Thanks and sorry for the mistake