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Criminal Justice RolePlay Now OpenA

We were founded on 02/05/2021,we aim to create the most Realistic,Upcoming unique RolePlay to the FiveM community.
Striving to grow more!
We try to replicate real life situations into our RolePlay server bringing the best quality RolePlay there can be.
The Age Requirement for this server is 14+
If you provide a top quality application,exemptions can be made for your age.

We have a Experienced High Command Team,and Staff team to provide the best possible outcomes and responses to any situation.
***Please do not question the actions the Staff Team make,they have all went through Interviews,Trainings and Meetings, regarding the best possible skills and mindset.

Our Server Departments are:

• Civilian
• EMS & Fire

We have many roles waiting for skilled members to take on, such as Staff Team,Head Of departments,Support team and so on…

This is a FiveM server.

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