Server Ped Help

I am thinking about making a FiveM server, and I don’t have money for eup, so can I put in less instead for free? Please reply and possibly with a tutorial if any. Thank you!

Do you mean to remove all peds in the server to save on memory usage?
If you are not gonna pay for a hosting then that mean you will host on your own computer so I don’t see why you would try to save anything, unless you have poor hardware and internet connection.
And I am not sure if to remove population really impact the network that much. The max amount of players connected is probably what you want to restrict. Peds and Vehicles are on each people clients, so server just sync the information in between people it’s probably not a big deal unless you have a lot of clients to sync together.

So the natives needed for removing peds and vehicles are:


You cannot use custom clothes or eup as you call it if you arent a patreon member.