Server owner contact group

We’ve set up (or well, revived) the old server owner group to serve as a point of contact for significant server owners.

To get access, just request it on the group page, and provide some information about the server/community you run, typical player population, and such, to have your application be reviewed by some community members we’ve set up to do so.


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What defines a significant server owner?

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Server owners that know what they are doing. Not drag and droppers. Haha. Idk just a thought.


You should make a group for content creators rather than server owners. Some of us just work for fun not to make servers.


Why? So everyone that “skins vehicles” can request to join? This group is for


If you consider people that rip skins from other games content creators then I doubt you get the point. I’m talking about a group where people who make original scripts can share their discoveries and answer each others questions. Oh and you can be a “significant server” owner without knowing anything technical about the game, whatever “significant” means.

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Significant means you have a successful community in my eyes.

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:thinking: What’s the group page? :thinking:

The same could be said for anything else. Anything that is worth sharing in a private group is probably worth sharing on the forums for everyone to see.

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The category however is only visible if you’re added to that group.

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It will be shared to the public, however initial discussion about certain subjects will be done there to prevent ‘new users’ going off-topic/joining the discussion when they haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. Things discussed in this group are also not final in any way (correct me if I’m wrong on this elements), it’s just to get an idea of what’s important to the most significant servers out there, so we can get a feeling of what’s important to the community, and what isn’t.

Again, all subjects will be made public if it’s worth discussing/implementing at a later date.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out!

The community I’m a part of doesn’t exactly have a single owner. Would it be possible for 1-2 of us to request this role for the same servers?

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of course!

Something called community love!
Is it important how many members we have?

Yes, it’s important.


Of course it’s not, it’s private for a reason.