Server Money Checker (Online & Offline Players)

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Keep track of your players cash and bank balance and take action if they go over a selected limit.

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:bulb: Features

  • Check Cash Balance
  • Check Bank Balance
  • Check entire Database on script startup
  • Check all online players every 30 minutes.
  • Discord webhook integration
  • Webhook shows Identifier, Balance, Group & Ingame Name
  • Configure Commands
  • Automatic Version-Check
  • Extremely configurable
  • Server-side only

:bar_chart: Resmon (Server-Side)

Idle 0.00ms
Peak 0.02ms

:open_file_folder: Requirements

  • ESX or qb-core
  • oxmysql

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Code is accessible No (But I will open up code if you state me a reason)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~150
Requirements: ESX or qb-core & oxmysql
Support Yes
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hey cool script! Really out there question but could it be possible to make a money leaderboard for people to see the richest person on the server in- game? Possibly with whitelists to admins so they dont appear? Anyways good looks !

Thanks for your feedback, that is an Awesome idea and I will see what I can do to make that possible.

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:open_file_folder: Update Launched v1.1.2

  • fixed mysql error
  • added mysql function to config so you can edit it yourself

Download newest Update on

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Skipped a few versions for forum.

:open_file_folder: Update Launched [ESX] [v2.0.0]

  • added more options to the webhooks
  • new version-checker
  • updated performance
  • removed useless if-statement

Download newest Update on

:open_file_folder: QB-Core Version Launched

  • you can now buy this script for qb-core

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