Server isn't listet in Server List

Since i’m FiveM Element Club Argentum, my server doenst show up anymore in the serverlist.
Ive done all of these steps to check if the server is reachable anyways. I can connect to my server via direct connect but the server does not show up in the list. My sv_master is configured like this #sv_master1 ""

When did you buy it? They do a check like once a day for new buyer and then they’ll set it onto your name on the forum. I’m assuming once that happens this will resolve your issue.

no im working on the server since 6 months
didnt changed anything and the server isnt shown anymore

sry for my english dude

Did you tried to update your artifacts? :slight_smile:

how to do this dude

For Windows:
For Linux:

i will try it thx

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nope didnt worked