Server is stuck trying to change my game version to join my own server

I have finally got a server to connect online proper and now it just stays stuck trying to download more game data for a different game version. I’m attempting to get a Red Dead 2 server going for me and my friends. This is driving me insane as I have spent two days trying to figure out the problem… It will load fine and then stop on “Connecting. Updating game storage… (100% or 0% it changes each time). Starting IPFS discovery…” I’ve let it sit for hours at a time and nothing has happened. It’s attempting to download 3.6Gb and it’s trying to change the game version to 1311. Everything I have is up to date already… I’m running RDO through steam as well, if that matters.

Nevermind! This can be closed. I figured it out myself! For anyone bumping into the issue, Add set sv_enforceGameBuild 1491 to your server.cfg or +set sv_enforceGameBuild 1491 to your start.bat file.

Have fun with this headache! Goodbye!

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