Server gives ZLIB error and more


i opened another server and wanted it with custom cars and the default map. So i downloaded the serversoftware and copied the “car mod folder” from an existing server ( where everything works fine for months now ). On this new server, 2 cars caused the game to crash while loading in and now as i removed them, we get the ZLIB error at random times.

Its not my gta files and i dont really think its the modded cars because it also works on 2 other servers of mine.

The weird thing tho is, that if i dont click on the message box that appears, i can still play the game but as soon as i drive far enough away, textures of the default map wont load anymore and everything gets a grey mess.

So is the zlib error now because of the cars? Or is something wrong with the default map?
Why does cars not work and let the server crash where the exact same files work on other servers of mine?

Server running on ubuntu.
ERROR (not my picture)

Thanks in advance, Slluxx


4k textures crashing it