Server FAQ and Common Solutions


Try to find your issue in the list below. If none of them describe your issue, you may create a topic in #redm-server-development:redm-server-support .

Don’t forget to fill out the template to the best of your ability! Failure to fill it out will make it more difficult to help you.

General F.A.Q.

Where can I find server files?

Please follow the server installation guide here. You will also need to do some additional steps, which you can (temporarily) find on our Discord in the #redm-hello channel -

We will update instructions for a RedM/FXv2 server soon.

Common Issues

An error authenticating license key

This can have two reasons.

  1. Your server license key is incorrect - double check at
  2. You are not launching your server from your cfx-server-data folder. See here for instructions on setting up your server - be careful at step 8!