Server crashes clients if a resource is restarted. Even one that isn't loaded to them

Anytime I restart a resource either via txAdmin or console in game - it crashes clients.
(Even one that isn’t loaded which obviously would crash someone.)

EVEN if I’m the only one on the server. I’ve turned off 99% of resources on my server when trying to figure this out and no luck. Anytime I restart any resource FiveM just hard crashes with no error. Even if I refresh first. The resource gets restarted, and client log after crash simply says this… and there isn’t even a crash log or anything no error pops up FiveM just exits.

[ 187828] [b2699_GTAProce] MainThrd/ OnConnectionProgress: Downloading content manifest…
[ 187922] [b2699_GTAProce] MainThrd/ OnConnectionProgress: Loading content manifest…

I used to be able to restart resources just fine. Maybe a tidbit of lag but that was it then it would be fine.

Any ideas? Has some FiveM / txAdmin update caused this in recent artifacts versions?
Its been happening for about a month though. Never any issue before that.

Nobody can seem to figure this out.

Latest artifacts I am running and its still doing it.

In this case its making it nearly impossible to fix vehicle sirensettings ID’s I can tell you that much. But overall extremely inconvenient.