Server command help

So I have installed Freeroam 2 by @kanersps however, when I am on the screen to either type /login or /register, it allows me to type it in, but it does not actually process the commands (which I can see from the logs) or any other commands.


What does your server console say?

@Boss Quite literally nothing. When I type in the command, or any other command, no new line or any error is added to the console. It is as if I am not even typing at all. I would screenshot the console but there is really nothing to see. I press ‘T’ and the message box appears and I type “/register pswd” (obviously I put my actual password) and nothing happens.

@Boss Just an update. I can’t actually type anything. Not even to just chat in game. Literally can’t type anything. So I don’t think it’s Freeroam thats causing the issue