Server browser not visible

GTA V version? 1.0.791.2 (latest as of writing this post)
Up to date? Yes, of course.
Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? Social Club
Windows version? 10.0.14393 (Anniversary Update)
Error screenshot
GTA V folder screenshot
FiveReborn client folder screenshot &
.dmp files N/A

I have tried:

  • Every compatibility mode known to man
  • Disabling the iGPU (from Device Manager - I have no options in BIOS)
  • Running in windowed, fullscreen etc
  • Reinstalling FiveReborn
  • Verifying GTA V’s files
  • Putting FiveReborn in a new directory
  • The font-renderer.dll fix for the old version
  • Updating my drivers
  • Running as an administrator
  • Taking ownership of files
  • Removing read-only attributes
  • Opening every HTML document within FiveReborn’s directory (which has not worked)
  • Setting every .exe to run in high performance mode
  • Updating to the newest FiveReborn update
  • Repeating every step multiple times
  • Performing virtually every other “fix” found in the support board
  • I’m not running any anti-virus (not even Windows Defender, so please don’t suggest to “disable AV”)

So I have a shitty laptop with an Intel and an AMD card setup (Intel HD 4000 + Radeon HD 7730M). I’ve noticed that the Intel card doesn’t have support for WDDM 2.0 but the AMD card does. @leaf suggested that’s where the problem may lie.

When I disable the iGPU, I can run in any other compatibility mode (or no compatibility mode). However, if it’s enabled, it only works on Vista SP1 and Vista SP2. Any other mode results in the infamous Direct3D error or some “unsupported” error (usually Windows XP mode). There are no more visual artifacts, just no server browser (for whatever reason).

Same issue here with AMD Radeon 7690M and Intel graphics 3000. You have nothing to do other than waiting for a fix I guess. :frowning:

So far as i know, are mobile graphics cards not supported. Due to complication. But i guess this will be fixed in the future.

I know this topic is old but this might still help some people: If u see no server browser use this method to connect to servers:
When you launch the game it will automaticly connect to the IP adres you add in mpmenu.html

Use this serverlist to find the ip of the server you want to join:

I have posted this on multiple topics with this problem it seems not many people have thought of this.