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Windows 10 / 20H2
i7 8700k
32 GB Ram


Windows Server 2k16
Xeon E-2236
64 GB Ram
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september-kitten-robert - Crash to desktop occurring while moving from one populated area to another (Emerald Ranch to Saint Denis)
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:
Steps to reproduce:
Was able to reproduce three times myself - around 15 others experienced this off an on throughout the span of an hour. Have crashes for 2 saved.
Client (2.1 MB) (2.0 MB)

Crash in CTaskUseScenario::ProcessEveryFrame, would be hard to find what’s wrong without repro.

I also have this problem. Can’t find the exact steps to reproduce.

I asked others to report back after the recent potential patches now in Canary. However, a player on Canary got india-lithium-two just prior to a group crash for other players on the latest hash for september-kitten-robert in 1491. I’m reporting it here in case there is any connection as this is eerily similar to another report I had gotten in the past where one person crashed with a unique hash and then a bunch of others crashed with september-kitten-robert. Attaching the crash dump here for india-lithium-two. In both the previous case and this latest report, the player had been near a horse and/or attempting to get onto a horse. May not be relevant, but noting it in case it might help. (2.1 MB)


This is a similar crash caused by the same culprit but in some other place. As said in commit description, I only patched some places as an experiment. This specific crash was happening before and it’s not as popular as the ones that got patched, but it seems this one would be a bit harder to fix as the game uses a lot of data from the scenario info it expects to get, so it’s not only some cheap flag checks like before.

Here is a crash dump with the latest scenario info debug logged (2.2 MB)

To be specific, the logs that @t3chman posted are from a client running unstable next to a client running beta that crashed. Logs started when beta client started crashing and stopped when they DCed. The crash dump is from the beta client

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