Sending heartbeat is happening every few seconds

Hey, my server is experiencing a lot of sudden crashes/timeouts where it kicks out the whole server, it started happening yesterday. I also noticed when it started to happen that it was sending the heartbeat to the live-internal.fivem every few seconds. Does anyone know if this is connected and/or a fix for this?

This only happens once every ~4 minutes I believe… Not every few seconds. Besides, heartbeats shouldn’t affect the performance of your server in any way.

If you’re getting hitch warning: frame time of *** miliseconds warnings then you’ve either got one or multiple resources running that affect server performance, or your server’s specifications are too low-end to run the server smoothly. This could cause timeout issues for players, especially those with a very high ping.

This is happening several times a minute right now, for sure. Check the screenshot I added here.

Not getting hitch warning: frame time of *** miliseconds, I got a dedicated server with an I7 & 24gb ram so it shouldn’t be an issue.

The crashes has slowed down and I haven’t really seen any the last day, so I don’t think it’s connected and it’s not too important to get it fixed. But still, it is kind of strange and if someone got a fix for it, it would be great. ^^

heartbeats happen when players join/quit (or once every 4 minutes) so that’s why it looks like it’s happening a lot in your server console.

Ah okay, I didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know.

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