[Scripting/Lua] Various bugs I've come across

  • Namespace Error in natives.lua for PointerValueIntInitialized() [Fix]

  • GetPedNearbyVehicles() always returns false

  • GetPedNearbyPeds() fails to run (internal script failure on client)

These natives do not work and is not a bug.

Them not working is a bug? Especially since they work in scripthook just not lua :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a bug. It isn’t supported because it doesn’t work in a networked game. I suggest getting nearby entities instead of peds.

a function existing that is broken is a bug, it would work just fine in a networked game just that same as GetRandomPedAtCoord() does. its returning a list of nearby peds that arent players. And as far as i know there is no get nearby entities natives

I have used a raycast, casting along any axis relative to any entity, in this case our local player, and added each entity to a table. Then filtered each result to get what I need (ped, vehicle, etc.)

alright, thanks for the tip