Scripting I need help can you help me please

Just one more thing: Do yourself and everybody in this Forum a favor - If you are not sure if something works - try it. And if you come across something which you do not know how to do: Just research some stuff on your own and think of a solution yourself before asking.

I just did but cant find out how to do that like just want to know this one thing so I can experiment

nope definitely cant find anything on google about how to do if player enters something in the console it will do something

the console isn’t for using command , people using chat system for sending command.
otherwise if you prefere using a menu you can do it with html by NUI or with NativeUI (who provide you rdy-to-use menu)

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like I want to know the code for the chat thing then so if some one does /freeze something happens but not sure hoe to make the code for /freeze

as @Payzman said , take more time looking on forum with right word , and you will find most of thing you looking for , your answer is already wrote there :

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oh sorry ill do that next time

but this is lua isn’t it or is it c#

it’s about Eventhandlers and TriggerClientEvent / TriggerServerEvent , it’s the same in lua or c# , just the way you type it who is different.

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ok thanks this helps :slight_smile:

in c# for receive event server or client side , you have to create it in your constructor :

class myClass : BaseScript
      public myClass()
             EventHandlers["freezePed"] += new Action<dynamic,dynamic>(myReceiveFunc);

     private void myReceiveFunc(dynamic param1,dynamic param2)
         //  Do your stuff here


now you have create and event who can receive your param and do something with it.

now for trigger event from server side :

private void myFunctionTrigger()

ps: it’s an overload on the function triggerclientevent who take no player on param (i never use it yet , but i think it will send to anyplayer connect)

on client side for trigger event on server :

private void myFunctionTrigger()

so do I make client file with the first part of code and put other part in server file

thanks I am going to test it out now thanks so much I am very new to scripting just started yesterday you see but this helps me understand it a lot better thanks

of course you have to make 2 different script (dll) , one will run on server side the other on client side .
some function you will found are only server side vice-versa

yes but thanks for this

do I do the code for /freeze or is that already done

you should do it , it’s a simple script to do , best thing for start.
try it , and if it’s not working you can still post your code and getting help.
(i prefer helping people who try something then just requesting script)

yeh but I didn’t know where to start as I’m new to this

ill try and do it now thanks for all your help

I have tried but think I have done something wrong?