ScriptHookVDotNet Error

CitizenFX Fatal Error
ROS_SetupTrapRoutine can not execute while the Common Language Runtime is loaded. Please remove any .NET-based plugins/CitizenFX components from your game installation, and try again.

I tried to install ScriptHookVDotNet in different ways like putting all of the files (.ini, .xml, .dll)in plugins folder and putting .asi in plugins and .ini in gta 5 folder but it gave me the same error. Is this because i didnt install it right? Can someone show me the proper way to install it?

Surprisingly, the way I fixed this issue is to just wait 10 or so seconds after five reborn starts up before actually connecting to any servers or clicking on anything. Give that a go and tell me if it works for you too.

@TouchMyRAM It gives the error on menu too.

I don’t know why you got error, but in my case I don’t have problems, when I have all files from .NET in plugins folder and GTA5 folder.

If i try to join my server fast enough it wont give error but the mods wont load.

When you got this error and have you installed some .net mods?

@KatanaDriver First i installed ScriptHookVDotNet. It didnt give me error. But when i installed mods it gave me error.

Same thing happens to my friend too. We tried SPA and other mods. We live in the same country.

Not all mods works with FiveR. Eg. “Custom Steering” mod crashing the game with this error. You must add single one, and test is it working. Test all mods one by one.

@KatanaDriver Nope, none of the .NET mods work.

Write me name of mods.

Single Player Apartment 1.7.3, Single Slayer Suicide, MapEditor, Powerful Shotguns, PushIV

@basar_basar said in ScriptHookVDotNet Error:


MapEditor doesn’t work with FiveReborn, S.P.A must be edited to work with FiveReborn, ScriptHooKVDotNet must be edited as well…

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Single Player Apartment 1.7.3 and Single Slayer Suicide also can broke you game. MapEditor is not supported. Check all mods one by one.

How must they be edited in order to work?

I have heard some people just changing the name and such.