ScriptHookV vs ScriptHookVDotNet

When scripting, I am using ScriptHookVDotNet in my resources, this fetches all available functions/ natives for me.

Is this correct to be doing, or should I be using ScriptHookV as a resource instead?

Is this even how it works?


Using Visual Studio, C#

… in your resources? Neither thing even exists for use with CitizenFX resources. Are you sure you’re developing for FiveReborn at all?

For a .net.dll to be used as client_script from the server you should be using CitizenFX.Core.dll (found in citizen/clr2/lib/mono/4.5/) as reference and replace all using GTA; with using CitizenFX.Core; (and other minor changes as well, NativeUI is currently not ported yet, but someone was working on this).

You seem to be fairly confused, so it’d be neat if you’d say what you are doing at all.

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I am a programmer who knows the language, I am just unfamiliar to the environment; FiveReborn.

What you have told me makes sense, it was simply never told to me, previously. I will have to redo my scripts with the new-found resources.

WHAT I am doing is trying to create a unique GTA environment, for online play.

Most things I am looking to do are very unique but as a result, difficult.


A server with water lever raised -or- no water at all.

The ability to drive/ ride trains around the map.

Change the actual timescale of the entire server (Some people move faster than others in slo-mo)

Integrate animals into a server.

Other “stuff”.