Scripthook.NET broken?

Looks like the latest 5R update broke SHDN for me?

Wat do?

As long as nothing has changed with this… .Net Scripts have never been support by 5R or the devs. @boss is that still correct?


But we where able to run scripts through the scripts folder! now it’s not possible anymore, I’m getting really frustrated of all the things that have changed :frowning:

@Benni0902 @Rstein
I have been wondering myself, do you guys remember the last stable build where Scripthook.NET was working?

I would like to use that one myself, as I have a lot of SHDN mods that I would like to use with friends.

Is there any way nowadays to play SHDN mods with friends? Anyone?

just rename the scripthookvdotnet.asi to something else, that fixes it

Which one and in what directory?

I have found my self installing a fresh client/ sever. Still re-figuring everything, and I have forgotten some stuff.

Looking to use some NIB mods (Hulk, superman, flash, ironman, etc.)

They use a menu and SHDN/Scripthook 5, as I said.

the .asi in the plugins folder, just rename that to something other then scripthook and it will work