Script help!

Hello, i need to get a answer to this question?!

AddEventHandler(“playerSpawned”, function(spawn)

I know the playerSpawned event comes from spawnmanager scripts, but how could i possible know what to put in the parameters of the function?

Sometimes the function parameters are empty why and how could i know what to put in there?

Take a look at the wiki. For the playerSpawned event, the only argument is spawn.

That is not the case for all of them though, check out this page for more on events:

Thank you thank you, i understood that but for example if i made my own event
“AddEventHandler(“welcomeMessage”, function(text))” This will add my event “welcomeMessage” and i googled a bit and found that the function(text) is a text but i cant find where all of these functions are stored?
Wanna help me out?

I have read through some scripts, and when they want to get the playerped they write (GetPlayerPed(-1))

Why the “-1” i know it want the players id but why -1?

-1 is the player calling it.

Yep, tbh you dont even -1, you could just write (playerID) it still works, atleast on the script i have!

Because you have a local playerID.
local playerID = GetPlayerPed(-1)