[SCRIPT] [FREE] Modern UI Vehicle Stance kit

Preview Link: Watch Desktop 2024.06.03 - | Streamable
GitHub URL: GitHub - azutake/az-stancekit: FiveM Stance kit script

I developed it mostly with the motivation to clean up the UI.
(I also wanted to rework the existing script because it was sometimes installed on vehicles that did not have it installed.)

This script supports the following languages and follows the language settings of the game.

  • English (machine translation)
  • Japanese (base language)
  • Korean (machine translation)

This is my first time releasing on the forum, so I’m still getting the hang of it.
If you have any feedback or support requests, please feel free to comment!

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Client (300), NUI(500+)
Requirements QBCore,oxmysql
Support Yes

Looks cool.

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Virus detected every time I tried to download


What file did you detect?

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Captura de tela 2024-06-03 210538

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Threre’s no virus, I get that from time to time and I’ve noticed it’s happening after every windows update.


The NUI code is already minified for the resulting build, so it is possible that there are false positives there.
If you are concerned, please check the code as the overall structure is very simple.

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it will not install the stancer kit

Have you added an item in qbcore?
The server must be running on OneSync, so that may be it!

Refer to az-stancekit/.install/README.md at main · azutake/az-stancekit · GitHub and execute 20240601154248_add_az_stance.sql

I’ve already done all this

Try sql again to see if it works. Make sure you only run the migrate:up section when you try it!

Why you dont use normal SQL upload systems ?? its not works well and “dbmate” complicated!!!
i like your UI but i didint save my SQL data must be user friendly scripts …

The queries are configured in a migration-style query to be able to keep up with future changes in the DB structure.
As I added in the README earlier, if you want to do it manually, you only need to execute the query in the area enclosed by the square below.

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