Script Formula One

Script Formule 1 I’m not a big fan of f1, in general I don’t like motorsport more than that. But I wanted to create a formula 1 script so I asked a friend of mine to help me create it and here it is.

PresentationIn this script you can play two roles.

  • Race steward

  • Formula 1 driver

Race steward.

With the /flags key, the steward can open the menu to manage the race.

  • He can set the flags in each sector (red, yellow, green).

  • He can show any flag to a player using his ID (black , black and white , blue , white , black and red).

  • He can display flags such as the chequered flag or loss of adhesion in all zones for all players.

  • He can also place players on the starting grid with their ID.

  • He can also start the race by indicating the latency after the 5 lights in milliseconds, and choose the number of laps to be completed.

He can also retrieve the lap times of each driver with their ID and add penalties in milliseconds.

Formula 1 driver.

The formula driver can access statistics on his car and many other things.

  • He’ll be able to change his pit brake

  • He can change that tire in the pits

  • He can repair his car in the pits

there are 3 types of tire.

  • Red = Short (4 laps)

  • Yellow = Medium (8 laps)

  • White = Long (12 laps)

Stats may vary depending on the driver

There are several stats to watch out for.

  • Tire wear / 0 = tire explosion

  • Tire heat / More grip if percentage is high

  • Brake wear / 0 = more brake / more brake if percentage is high

Drivers have access on the HUD to their number of laps, their penalty, their stopwatch and their car statistics.

Here’s a video presenting the script : Script Formule 1 Dev Serveur - YouTube

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ESX Old version And New Version

None Standelone

This script isn’t finished yet, so I’ll have to continue adapting it for roleplay and translate it into English.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000
Requirements ESX OLD / NEW
Support Yes/