Scorched west v0.4.3 random bush generation and dog update

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Version 0.4.3 introduces Random Bush Generation.

In this update, I’ve expanded the hunger mechanic by adding three new types of bushes scattered across the map. These bushes are dynamically generated, ensuring a unique placement each time you enter the game. Additionally, I’ve revamped the text to prompt players to ‘Obtain Nourishment’ and ‘Obtain Hydration’.

bushes will fall after you have gained Nourishment from them and a new one will spawn on the map somewhere

Check out this video showcasing all the latest updates:

Random Bush Generation: Discover how the landscape now features dynamically generated bushes.
3 New Plants for Nutritional Gain: Explore the new flora options for obtaining essential nutrition.
Sanity Bar: Witness the addition of a sanity bar to monitor mental well-being.
Companion/Dog Berenice for Sanity Support: Meet Berenice, your loyal companion aiding in maintaining sanity.
Armory with Comprehensive Weaponry: See the full range of weapons now available in the armory.
Fine-Tuned Hunger and Thirst DE increments: Experience the refined balance in hunger and thirst mechanics.

Survival Elements Added:

Hunger Mechanic:
Functionality: Players can now manage hunger.
Action: Eating from cactuses provides sustenance.
Thirst Mechanic:
Functionality: Introduces thirst management.
Action: Drinking from puddles near rocks to quench thirst.
Effects of Hunger and Thirst:

Impact: Below 10% levels will trigger adverse effects on the player’s character.

User Interface Enhancements:

Help Menu:
Accessibility: Press ‘X’ to toggle the help menu, allowing quick access.
Slow-Motion Image:
Added slow-motion image above depletion bar.
Updated UI:
Improved Design: Enhancements to the user interface for better clarity and navigation.
Tips Feature:
Guidance: Use arrow keys to scroll through helpful in-game tips.
Title Image:
Access: Press ‘Backspace’ to toggle the visibility of the title image.

Score Update:
Calculation Change: The score will now be based on your damage.

Scorched Entities Update:

Enemy Update: Over 200 scorched entities roam in groups.
Equipment Carried: Some carry knives, machetes, and torches.
Behavioural Update: Entities react to stimuli within a defined radius.
Detection Range: Hearing/seeing range triggers their actions.
Behavioural Cycle: Starts from wandering, progresses to following, and ultimately attacking.
Player Response: Fleeing results in entities chasing for a while then reverting back to a wandering state
entities only explode when shot , not in radius of the player.

These changes aim to deepen the gameplay experience by introducing survival elements,
improving the UI for better player interaction, and enhancing the challenge through
updated enemy behaviours.

Armory update
has all guns
simply press the corresponding number to equip your chosen gun