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Has anyone here tried to edit the GFX hud to add more image of add-on weapons ? (For wheelmenu)

Everythings possible

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I totally agree with you, the question that people should ask is “how” and not if it is possible.

I totally agree with you, the question will be how.

Not easy to undestand/ to tell how to do.

  1. check/add hash in com.rockstargames.gtav.constants.WeaponsLUT
  2. goto SLOT_WEAPON_* add frame to load your sprite,it should be a dds in ytd or just add a vector image into this frame.Set framelabel to your weapon hash
  3. etc…
    here an example : Fire Extinguisher Hud Icon -

No, haha, i’m not talking about that, i’m talking in general, As you said : Everythings is possible.
The question should be not if it’s possible, but how.

The Instructional Buttons link doesn’t work anymore

Anyone who knows a list of scaleforms? The link doesn’t work…

I think you might be happy with this one then.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

old post, sorry but does anyone have an update link for this?

Here you go: instruction_buttons scaleform.lua · GitHub

Just a couple of repos I’ve kept in my list. Most the rest, Google.