Savage scamming v.2

Savage Scamming V.2

Dependencies: This script requires the following dependencies to function properly:

  • esx
  • ox_inventory
  • oxmysql
  • ox-lib
  • ox_target

New Features:

  • Laptops now save their location and spawn after restarts.
  • Loaded visas now have metadata, allowing cards to be used until AI cancels the card.
  • There’s a chance for stolen visas to be cancelled each time they’re used, based on card settings.
  • When players use loaded visas, the street name and amount of cash withdrawn are saved to the metadata. This information can be accessed by the police or specified jobs through the police laptop.
  • You can edit or disable mini-games, add multiple scam dealers, introduce different stolen visas with unique settings to modify card values, change dispatch behavior, customize notifications, and alter props.

How to Use:

  1. Obtain stolen visas, blank cards, a laptop, and a card cloner. (These items can be purchased from a dealer.)
  2. Place the laptop down, then access the third eye laptop and select “clone card.”
  3. Use the provided loaded visa at any ATM to withdraw money. If the card hasn’t been cancelled, you’ll receive the money; otherwise, the police will be alerted.

Small Showcase: View a showcase of the script’s functionality here.

Purchase: Price $12.00 link here.