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I would like to present our server and community in this post.

San Andreas Pilots (or “SAP”) is a community of players dedicated to simulating and roleplaying aviation in GTA. It was started in 2006 with a SA-MP server and continues into the modern generation of GTA in FiveM.

SAP website: www.sapilots.org

SAP YouTube Channel: click here

SAP server IP: (or just enter “SAP” in FiveM client search box)

SAP server script is developed and updated almost daily and the current main server features are:

  • Interactive avionics UI of aircrafts – with NDB, VOR, ILS, autopilot systems, etc.:

  • Vehicles fuel system

  • Money system – payments for in-game services, and jobs to earn, which involve NPCs (like delivery of VIP, SAR - Search & Rescue missions, etc.):

  • Extended world borders with multiple custom islands, including unique zones outside SA mainland:

  • Player accounts, auto-tracking of flight minutes which are shown within the game scoreboard, and ability to view this statistic individually for each aircraft:

  • Ability to own private properties and vehicles on server

  • NPC taxi system:

  • 24/7 hospital system:

  • SAP Bot, which monitors and reacts to in-game events

  • Vehicle engines can be toggled on / off

  • Co-pilot can also control engine, landing gears, cabin interior lights, radio etc.

  • Binoculars with ability to zoom and toggle different modes (night vision, heat vision):

  • PPL (Private Pilot License) to pilot aircrafts

  • Ability to conveniently enter vehicles as a passenger:

  • Cellphone UI for convenient access to bank account, available jobs (missions), etc.:

  • Ability to tow aircrafts with ground vehicles:

  • Anchoring of boats and aircrafts which can float in water

  • Custom aircraft smoke trails:

  • Vehicle doors, cargo bays and windows can be individually opened / closed:

  • Rappelling from helicopters:

  • Ability to see in-game clock and METAR weather information and forecasts

  • Ability to use cruise-control in ground vehicles and auto-throttle in aircrafts

  • Advanced helicopter camera:

  • Radar shows aircraft types and allows to distinguish between those which are being piloted by players and NPCs:

  • Different player skins and animations:

  • Use equipment such as scuba gear, parachute, flashlight, etc.:

  • Ability to watch and listen to custom videos and IRL radio streams

  • GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System)

  • Turbulence is disabled by default and affects aircrafts only in applicable weather conditions and heights

  • Default “dead” jets are removed from LSIA and replaced with proper aircrafts

  • Aircraft carrier, yacht, trains and metro are present on the server:

  • RP community elements - SAP Statute Law (click to see), different SAP Departments and Guilds, SAP Higher Command

  • Etc…

    Planned roadmap features:

  • Complex ATC dedicated systems, involving both players and NPCs

  • Upcoming Military Expansion

  • In-game shops and websites, selling private properties and locked, alarmed vehicles for in-game money

  • Etc…

    Implementation of all mentioned features is unique to SAP server and these are developed natively - we do not use 3rd–party mods.

    We also organize and host events for the SAP community!

    SAP is interested in attracting dedicated players, who might become potential future colleagues and [SAP] Members. We do not allow random aggressive players on our server, so each new player must pass an automated test before creating a server account – to prove basic knowledge of IRL aviation domain and their ability to understand and communicate in the English language.

    So, if you are interested in multi-playing (or even single-playing) within an aviation-related experience in GTA – you are welcome to join our server and try it yourself! Don’t forget to visit our website and register on our forum! See you above the clouds! :wink:

SAP Commander,


Such a cool server! Probably the most realistic aviation server I’ve seen. This server has working radio navigation, so you are able to land using real world ILS approaches.

The server is still actively being developed, but their roadmap gives me hope. I’ll definitely keep my eyes on this one!

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Fantastic server! Played for a few hours and did some flying around. Definitely recommend for any flight enthusiasts.

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Honestly the only server I’ve found so far that actually has realistic airports away from mainland that are custom built and not just some blocky mess, the UI is honestly so epic and realistic, never knew I would come across something like this on FiveM, keep up the great work!

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SAP YouTube Channel with our archives (2006 - 2014) is published: click here

This server is amazing. Only found it two days ago and I’ve already flown over five hours, both alone and together with other players.

It has a lot of work on avionics, mission scripts and mapping islands in the middle of the ocean. Loads of fun if you’re an aviation buff.

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