Sandy Shores Airfield [UPDATED]

Disclaimer Do NOT reupload this mod without permission! Please credit me.

Hello, its ya boy CodyTheDev! In this release I have made the Sandy Shores Airfield alittle more modern in terms of lighting it up for the night.

What have I added…

  • Working Run Way Lights
  • Working Air Radar
  • Runway Signs
  • Added Lights on the Sandy Air Field Sign.

This is the third map mod I’ve made. It wont be perfect… Please give positive feed back as this is my third map mod, and will encourage me to create more!

ModernSandyAirfield.rar (14.4 KB)

How To Install:

GTA 5 SP/LSPDFR - Go to (mods) - update - x64 - dlcpacks - custom_maps - dlc.rpf - x64 - levels - gta5 - _citye - maps - custom_maps.rpf

FiveM - Dedicated Server [VPS] and Home Hosted

Instructions 1

  1. Download the
  2. Unzip the file onto your desktop
  3. Simply move the folder to your resources folder within your server.
  4. add the following lines to your config
    start ModernSandyAirfield
  5. Head up to Sandy.
  6. Enjoy

Instructions 2

  1. Download the
  2. Unzip the file onto your desktop
  3. Keep the same line of text you added to the server.cfg
  4. Enjoy

Any bugs you experience please leave a comment below and also like.
Anything you think you would like added leave a comment.


Why are you still putting the paypal link in the download?


ThATS A big oof tbh 20char

Sorry I forgot to take that out Ima do it really fast

I fixed it. <20 Characters>

what a chancer huh good find lol

good job on the screenshots, really shows it off from every angle! :+1:

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Nice work, goodjob mate !

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Thank you! It means alot.

Thank you as well. <20 Chars>

great job! wondering if i can do a few edits and then reupload (ill give credits)

Sure, please link it below!

Not sure if anyone noticed, but the radar in the middle of the airfield turns into a magical crane from far away. I am assuming it’s because the OP used a crane base for the radar. Was wondering if this could be fixed.

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I’ve noticed it before… Thanks for telling me again. I will try my best to figure something else out.

I mean, a field that size doesn’t really need two radars tbh. It’s a nice touch, but I actually only noticed it was there because of the random crane in the middle of the field lol

Ok lmfao. I will remove it.

Sounds good, appreciate it! Drop me a tag when you upload the new version.

Will do! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

I actually just noticed the other radar behind the tower. That one is the same deal. :wink:

Well damn… lmfao

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