[Sandy Extras] [Ymap]

Hello, I have made some map edits to Sandy Shores! You can edit the plugin to your liking but not upload anywhere else without my permission! Hope you enjoy them! Let me know what you guys would like to see more or like to have!

Screen Shots

Download Link


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I am not in any position to judge you on this as this is your work and you have released this for everyone to enjoy, but just in my opinion (everyone has different tastes) I think you have a bit too much trees bundled up together, and it just doesn’t suit the area if you get me, like all the trees are in one spot and then the rest of sandy is just well empty, other than that I like it.


This looks like a very extremely resource-intensive YMAP, particularly because of all of the trees. And that’s just by looking at it. Just sayin

There two parts to it so it less on the server with all the tress instead of it ruining one big Ymap

thanks you I will keep that in mind!

Ummm… Last time I checked, YMAPS are entirely client-side. The client downloads it from the server and that’s why they go in a stream folder. That’s all the server does is serve the client with the files. So breaking it up into multiple files doesn’t do anything. The clients still have to render all of the complex geometry of the trees, whether it’s 1 file or 12 files. Hopefully all of this makes sense because it’s 5:13am and I can’t think straight

I agree with what scully said It looks goods but in the wrong area sandy is ment to be kept “sandy” hence the name lol but nice work dude … maybe try and add a few trees to paleto bay

or if you know how edit ingame signs then edit the sandy shore sign to say “forest shore” lol

I done something like it a few months ago just watch you fps drop (here a pic of what I done… little over the top tho lol)

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From my time building maps I have noticed that there are a small amount of props that will lower FPS while you render them. With my experience, any tree or streetlights you put in game will lower your FPS. With the streetlights you can place two or three but anything over will cause some problems. Of course, this is from my experience.

Thank you for providing your work to the community though. Can’t wait to see more!

Why does everyone want to fill a desert with trees? Seriously. You guys are reminding me of those 17 year old kids who think they are politicians. If you want an area that’s green and filled with trees, head to legion square. Its California. Those trees would suck up all the remaining water we have.

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Lhh Nahh. I just like the way Sandy looks with trees!

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Agree. A little color along the roadway looks nice