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Sandspur State Roleplay

➤ Sandspur State Roleplay is a new and active, rapidly growing community that brings fun, realistic, and exciting roleplay to everyone. We have an active staff team that works day and night to provide a fun, and realistic experience to all our members and guests.

➤ We have a professional & friendly fast growing staff team that has a lot of experience in staffing and managing other communities and they are here to help you with needs or any other issues/concerns you may have while being on the server or in the community as a whole. We are always open to suggestions from our members to make this community even better and more fun for all!

➤ We offer a large selection of Custom Scripts and Cars, Custom EUP for Civ and LEO, and even personal vehicles/peds for all of our members to have fun and roleplay with. Our community is also constantly looking for members to be a part of our LEO, FIRE & EMS, Civilian Groups, and Staff Team to come to join in on the fun and show us their best roleplay skills and abilities!

➤ Public Officers are open to all members of the community, once you join you may request to be in any one department you choose; during that process, you may have to go through a short application/interview stage. Once you have passed the recruitment stage you will be free to patrol whenever you would like, in accordance with our standard operating procedures.

We also have a wide variety of departments and organizations for anyone to choose from.

Civilian Operations is free to all members who are a part of our community!

Our Emergency Services:

  • Dade County Sheriff’s Office
  • Miami Dade Police Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Miami Dade Fire Rescue
  • Dade County Communications Center

Our Civilian Operations:

  • Gangs, Mafias, Gruppe Sechs Security, Lawyers, Judges, DOT/Construction, taxi drivers, and More!

We are also looking for staff, developers, LEO/Fire department heads, and Civilian Organization Heads!

So join us and be a part of our fast-growing community today!

Sandspur State Roleplay is actively searching for Staff Members! We will be conducting open interviews from today to Friday, August 8th. If you’re interested, create a ticket with your interest and an interviewer will contact you as soon as possible. SSRP Staff is growing, meaning we are in dire need of higher positions that won’t stay open for long. So join us today and receive a chance to watch SSRP grow!