San Antonio Public Safety | Anyone Can Be a Cop | SAPD BCSO CCSO TXDPS TXGW SAFD | Texas Based | Noob friendly

Hi, we are San Antonio Public Safety. we are a LEO based server where anyone can be a cop! we have multiple departments, being: San Antonio PD, Bexar County sheriff, Comal County sheriff, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas game warden, and San Antonio Fire department. we also have an active FAA for those who have aviation interest.


why should you join us?

  1. We have a friendly and active staff, who will stop at nothing to ensure an enjoyable RP

  2. We are noob friendly, so feel free to join with no experience, you will learn what you need to know here!

  3. There are NO APPLICATIONS to LEO departments, simply choose which department you want to be a part of, and you will be on-boarded to whichever department! you are still subject to removal if you break rules. (you are allowed to rejoin)

  4. Our server can be both Serious and Casual RP, so whichever RP style you like, you will fit in here.

  5. While we want to have a proper RP, no forceRP no failRP, we always strive to make sure it is still enjoyable.

any questions can be directed to our discord or [email protected] we will respond as soon as possible!