San Andreas State Roleplay | Recruiting Now

Hello all,

My name is Rob, I am the Director of San Andreas State Roleplay. We are accepting applications for Police Department, Sheriff Department, Fire / EMS & Civillians.

What does our community feature:

  • Custom Vehicles (For both Emergency Services & Civillians)
  • Hands-Up Script
  • Time-Sync
  • Luxart Vehicle Control
  • Custom Uniforms
  • Custom Weapons
  • Whitelisted Server
  • Fuel Mod
  • Lots more that you will see upon joining.

Our Aim:
Within San Andreas State Roleplay, We aim to provide a realistic, enjoyable roleplay experience for everyone.

Requirements that you must meet before applying:

  • Must have a working Microphone
  • Legal Copy of Grand Theft Auto V
  • Fluency in English
  • Over the Age of 15

The process of becoming a part of this community:

  • Fill out the application here

  • Wait up to 48 Hours for a reply to the email stated on your application.

  • Join our Discord Server with the link provided in the email from one of our members.

  • Complete an Interview with one of the Human Resources members.

  • Partake in the SASRP Training Program assigned to the department.

  • 1 week Community Induction.

Any questions that you have regarding this community, you can post in the comments or click here to submit a contact form and one of us will reply.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you join our community soon!

San Andreas State Roleplay.

how do i join the discord server???