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Allow me to introduce you to San Andreas Heat. We are trying to build a small community of law enforcement focused role players. We are focusing on using FivePD, which is an AI interaction system that includes callouts, an MDT, and other features. It is currently in development so is only going to get better. Our goal is to provide members with a law enforcement environment that gives a realistic feeling.


Our world will be set in the standard State of San Andreas with two differences from the norm. First, the island is not the state alone; in our lore the island is but one county within the great state of San Andreas. This brings me to the next difference; only one county. Blaine County is the island, no separation of Los Santos County and Blaine. All other locations will remain as is.

We feel this gives a more realistic feel to our setting.


We are looking for people that want to portray law enforcement officers in a realistic way. New players and veterans alike. We want people with maturity of character; they can have fun and cut up, but know when to lock it up and get down to business. We want people with an attention to details; doing things for role play purposes not just “cheating” the system because they have the ability to do so. We want people that are looking for professionalism; a community of like minded people that want to play a specific way. We are looking for players that want to be dedicated to playing; and playing “the law enforcement way”; not the right or wrong way but the law enforcement way.

Quality of players not quantity.


We are implementing a statewide law enforcement certification program. Every officer, deputy, or trooper on our server will have attended a basic law enforcement training program. This ensures that our members are certain that a responding law enforcement officer has been properly trained at the basic level. This program is being created and our intent is to keep this training as basic as possible as to be completed in roughly a couple of hours. This can be spread out over several days if needed.

Eventually we intend to have various “stages” of our San Andreas Law Enforcement Training Standards; Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master level. Basic is what you get when you complete a basic academy, for now this is centralized. If we grow large enough each agency can run it’s own academy as long as it meets the basic standards. Intermediate is intended for more senior officers and would be achieved after continued training in specific law enforcement topics. Advanced level is geared more for supervisor level training. And Master for police administration.

We feel this best mirrors how real world law enforcement officers are trained and certified.


Currently we are planning to start with all three common agencies in place; San Andreas Highway Patrol, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, and the Los Santos Police Department. Keeping with our lore; SAHP will start with a barracks commander (Lieutenant or Captain) and a couple of troopers. BCSO will have the Sheriff and two deputies. LSPD will have a watch commander (Sergeant or Lieutenant) and will be unlimited in patrol officers.

As our community grows more state and county positions will open up; and when they do, we will give first consideration to LSPD members.

We would also like to eventually have a Civilian Role Players faction. These would be members who like to role play in FiveM; specifically with law enforcement officers. We are not an econ based community nor do we have any plans to migrate to one eventually. We will use FivePD and a restricted vMenu. Our civilian role players will be trained and supervised. Their goal will be to provide more in depth civilian interaction then is currently possible with the AI.


We are running a complete fleet of Redneck Modifications vehicles using custom vehicle skins provided by the community. We use EUP for uniforms with the intention of eventually finding custom uniforms. We also use scripts that provide a more realistic feel to patrols and law enforcement duties, things like; Realistic Vehicle Failures, Legacy Fuel, Holster scripting, etc.

Our staff consists of former military and law enforcement officers. We bring our experience and training to the community, tailoring things to the game environment. However, we lean toward doing things professionally and properly versus the Hollywood way.

Other agencies or factions are possible, but they will all require growth of our membership.


Interested in checking us out? Have questions? Or just want to jump on the server and check things out. Here is the information you need.

Join us on our discord -> San Andreas Heat Discord (

Join our Server -> San Andreas Heat / IP:

Join our Teamspeak Server -> IP:

Just another day of testing FivePD callouts…

Little bit of an older picture. Got rid of the speedometer in the center. Moved the mph / kph / fuel to be over the location information. And that SAHP skin has been replaced with some new ones.

Added a dynamic voice management system that includes a radio system to the server as well as experimenting with new weapon sounds.

Server still going strong, most scripts have been working as intended after adjusting them. Haven’t had a lot of people join but do have one gentlemen that has been playing on it every day and reporting bugs, issues, and suggestions. Might be our first front line supervisor in the future. :wink:

Currently our unique cars have been put in and skinned to each department heads liking.

Had an issue with FivePD not working after the last patch but after several hours got it fixed.

Currently in demolition derby mode; crashing patrol units to tweak the realistic vehicle damage to what we feel is actually realistic, within reason.

OK, Bumping this as we are now accepting LEO’s; We are also testing custom calls as well. Our end goal is to make all our callouts in house, so join up and help us test!

Hi all, Machine. We now have 6 custom call outs with random results. Come join the force and see if you have what it takes.

Here is a preview of our vehicles.

Also, Testing sounds

Here is a update, We are looking for police and people interested in fire department. Right now we need alpha testers. Yes, This is FivePD call out working with infernos fire script. So, when you get a “structure fire” and accept it will page the FD and give you the location to respond to, Some are huge fires and some have explosions at times.

All of this is triggered through the FivePD callout. When a EMS/FD call is accepted by anyone it will page Fire. If there is a fire it will trigger the building alarm if it has one. There are 11 direct callouts and unlimited random ones. Fires range in size from no fire to 30meters.

This is how the AI react on our server.

This Call is a call out with re-occurring troublemakers that react differently each time. Sometime the passenger will shoot sometimes not. Sometimes the driver will bail out or ride to the death. if they are doing a drug deal there are drugs found on the peds along with drug distribution tools. eventually this will be highly dynamic. As seen in the video the passenger jumps out of the car. Officer 301 stays with the driver.

Well altered the “Traffic Events” callout to handle a few more peds that are re-occurring characters that randomly appear. If you interested in joining us hope on over to discord we are white list only for the moment but it does not take long.

Well we have been hard at work on some cool custom callouts, we have a few more people on testing things out and are getting close to a more public launch. Mainly waiting for the new release of fivePD 1.1 as we will need to make some changes. We also need to finalize some of the training materials.

If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor and help test and build or just want to play with some great folks, come check us out. Some of the things we are working on are showcased above.

Hey, We are still going strong. We are at the point where we need people to test the callouts and give feedback. We are looking for Police, Fire and EMS. We put fire and EMS on the back burner at the moment until we have people that are interested.

Interested in checking us out? Have questions? Or just want to jump on the server and check things out. Here is the information you need.

Join us on our discord -> San Andreas Heat Discord ( )

Join our Server -> San Andreas Heat / IP:

Join our Teamspeak Server -> IP:

Bump; Still looking for members. We are just starting to open our doors so to speak. Come check us out!

Seems like a good place to get into. Staff seems to be pretty loyal to the project, and to their players. Stuff is handled quickly, and the development team are pretty passionate. It definitely feels like its here for the long haul, and can be something really awesome. So check the place out, and help all of us here shape this place into an awesome server to roleplay on.

We are still in development. Currently having an instancing issue we have been troubleshooting for the last few days. When I join, online players have their vehicles despawn. We are working on a solution before we start advertising for more beta testers. This way people don’t get frustrated.

Eventually we would like to have some new faces to test out everything. And maybe even assist us in developing a training program for various jobs; police, EMS, etc. Ground floor (aka plank owners) will receive compensation when we go live.

But we are still working diligently on our server, attempting to make it an enjoyable and realistic environment for law enforcement focused role playing. (Though people wanting to role play as criminals, tow truck drivers, taxi drivers, etc are more than welcome).

The Management

First off, hope those that celebrate Thanksgiving had an enjoyable and safe holiday. And for those braving the Black Friday sales, good luck and be safe.

Development of our server has ground to a halt due to an autoban I received while testing the server. No clue what I did as I was doing the normal things; correcting a script to get it to work and when I shut down the server and brought it back up and tried to connect, wham autoban. The lead developer and owner were both a bit paranoid to get on after that. And even so, some of the testing requires two people. But I digress.

So for the next thirteen days we are in a holding pattern. I’ll get on the back end to work on economy as that is something important to us. We are aiming to ballpark things around realistic so no $25 hamburgers, $980000 apartments, or $120,000 for a pick up truck. The economy is going to be based off of what we “pay” you for a half hour of real life, in-game, work. We are figuring a player might get on the server anywhere from 2-8 hours a week.

So intend to base salaries off that. And once salaries are in place, then the econ follows. We are also going to take into account what a player can potentially earn versus what he can spend his money on, if all you have in game is a vehicle and rent on an apartment then we will jack up the prices of the vehicles and apartments. However, if you have to buy food, and can spend money on entertainment, then we will take that into account and keep vehicle and rental prices down.

So if you are interested in what we are doing come on over and have a chat with us, we’d like to hear from you. And hell, if you get to be an active tester and have fun playing you might get a rank bump and some extra in game starting cash when we go live. If anything, you can play around testing civilian jobs or practice being an LSPD officer or LSFD EMT.

The Management

We are still alive, We have been working very hard to merge ESX and FivePD and we have done just that. We diched most of the callouts for a more organic system. Which means if you are out on patrol you will come across drunk drivers, speeders and even shootings. While conducting a traffic stop you can be shot at and even have people throw out drugs out before you pull them over which ties into ESX. We are at a cross road with development, We need people who are willing to join us at this early stage and help.

What we are currently looking for is civilians, We have not set anything in stone as far as criminal factions so that is all up for grabs. LEO is limited to LSPD at the current moment, We have done most of the documents and set up a website located here. (LSPD)

There is still a lot more to do and we look forward to anyone joining, Keep in mind we are older gentlemen and we would rather not deal with certain behavior.

Join us on our discord -> San Andreas Heat Discord ( )

Join our Server -> San Andreas Heat / IP:

Join our Teamspeak Server -> IP:


Bump; Still need people! If you are willing to help we need someone dedicated to RP and/or graphics design.

Bump; Hop on, We are going to do a patrol in 15 - 20 minutes.