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Top Quality Roleplay is a new community with old roots. We are attempting to combine ESX with FivePD to provide an environment in which public safety personnel can interact with both players and locals on our server. This way they don’t have to log on and sit around waiting for players to join or they don’t have to suffer through only dealing with AI all the time.


Top Quality Roleplay’s mission is to provide a reality based, fun environment for members to roleplay in with the scripts, staff and membership to support and encourage roleplaying.


We are attempting to create a reality based environment supported with scripts to give members the tools to have fun and roleplay as their desired character, be it a civilian just trying to make a living and buy a fancy car, or a criminal trying to grow his organization, or a cop or firefighter serving the community.

By reality based we mean that we are paying attention to the little details that make the game feel more immersive. For example; no First Name and Last Initial naming format here. We’ve never seen a real police officer with a name tag that read “John S.” Another example is that Miranda Warnings will not be required on every arrest, only if you intend to question a suspect. And not reading a suspect a Miranda warning may not result in a case being thrown out. Just like in real life. Hell we are even going to teach officers what a Miranda warning really is.

Which brings us to our training plan for law enforcement and firefighters. We have created the San Andreas Commission on Law Enforcement (SACOLE) and the San Andreas Commission on Fire Protection (SACFP) ; these titles will be our licensing agencies. The concept is that every law enforcement officer on our server will be trained to the same basic level in things that we feel every officer should know; how to use FivePD and ESX, Use of Force (the real world not FiveM), Arrest Search and Seizure rules, Emergency Driving, Seven Step Violator Contact, etc. And firefighters will be trained in the basics of fire protection; what’s the difference between an attack and defensive strategy, or the difference between how you deal with a house fire compared to a wildland fire, what does ALS mean, etc.

This will license every law enforcement officer at a basic level, then they go off to their respective agency to begin their field training (not ride alongs, those are for civilians wanting to learn about policing, not police officers in training). Field Training and probationary periods for on-the-job training with the possibility of eventual advanced training certifications; SWAT, Narcotics, Traffic Enforcement, Aviation or Motorcycle Patrolling Techniques. Firefighters will also have advanced certifications; Drive/Operator (Aerial or Pumper), Wildland Fire Protection, Fire Officer (I through IV).

All of this is proposed and planned and we are looking for people to provide input and suggestions toward accomplishing our SACOLE and SACFP training and licensing.


Our staff consists of older gentlemen that have various degrees of experience in both the FiveM community as well as real world law enforcement. No kids with egos here… well, maybe a little bit of ego… can you blame us, we put a lot of time, energy and money into developing Top Quality Roleplay.

We are using ESX and FivePD as our base of operations with paid scripts to try and make us unique and raise the quality of the experience members will have while roleplaying in our community. And our staff listens to the membership as much as we can. Something broken that hampers the ability to roleplay? It shouldn’t take three weeks for someone to get around to it, it should take priority. Developers and staff can play around with the bells and whistles they want to get up and running later.

Also, all paid scripts belong to the community. The staff has agreed that should any staff member leave, the scripts they provide or work on will remain with the community.


Our intent is to have four base public service agencies to start off with and the staff will act as the “command” authority for those agencies.:

Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire Rescue

This means that the staff will make major decisions that affect the entirety of an agency. Who gets a Gang Task Force, who gets a K-9 or Air Unit, changes to the policy of that agency, which patrol cars are available to officers as a whole. But the faction leader for each agency runs the day to day operations of that agency and can make minor changes, which cars different officers can drive, etc. Faction leaders may more may not be staff members and may be of various ranks for example; our current SASP faction leader is the Commissioner but our LSPD faction leader is only a Lieutenant.

After we grow other agencies may be considered as long as they fall in line with the staff image of the San Andreas we envision.

We also will consider various other organizations based upon the total number of members and the number of members that want to join an organization. For example; if someone joins during our testing phase and he eventually brings in four friends… the five of them can speak with the staff about creating a motorcycle club or criminal organization.

What we are looking for are members that will be active and help us test the server during our testing phase with the intent of rewarding that activity and assistance when we go “live” for in-character roleplaying officially. We are not looking for people with self professed administrative or leadership experience. If you are looking to be an admin or supervisor at Top Quality Roleplay, you are going to have to prove to the staff and faction leaders that you are active and can roleplay. Plenty of servers out there that hand out admin or moderator status like candy, here you have to earn it.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact a staff member at our Discord. If not, we wish you well in your search for a server that suits your play style and future plans in the FiveM community…

Join us on our Discord: Top Quality Roleplay

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We are currently looking for people to test the scripts we have placed on the server. This can be as a civilian testing out all the jobs and various ESX scripts. Or it can be as an LSPD officer testing FivePD and procedural things and even participate in helping to create our training program. Or it can be as an SAFR Firefighter testing the fire scripts we have implemented.

Out of these testers will come perks at a later date, to say thank you for helping out. Possible perks can be a custom car from our large civilian car pack, McClaren or Ferrari make you happy? Or more starting money… Consideration for owning your own business. The possibilities are abound.

For those that help law enforcement or firefighting testing; you could also receive a higher starting rank than those joining after we go “live”. So instead of a Probationary Police Officer or Firefighter you’ll start higher, maybe even as a Sergeant in LSPD or Engineer on a firetruck.

We also have the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office and San Andreas State Police that will be open for business as well. These are selective agencies that may open their doors for testing, they typically accept folks that are already on the server and have proved themselves as active role-players.

Trying to get a few things done before I go back to work for the week and then Christmas weekend takes over.

Adding “garages” using FivePD. This adds patrol vehicles that spawn wherever you designate. You can set the livery to be spawned as well. Basically I am getting the coordinates for parking spaces in the various police agency parking areas to spawn cars that officers can use but also to fill the parking lot with police cars so it looks more like a real parking area of a department.

Officers of the agencies could purchase and spawn cars via the ESX jobs menu, but that will be up to each agency faction head. That is yet to be discussed with said persons.

Also on my todo is remodeling the SASP HQ building, the one we have says SAHP… be far easier to just change the agency the highway patrol from state police, but I think the faction head is quite attached to SASP. LOL

Definitely ready for testers and future leaders to come join us, but I am sure folks are busy with the holidays coming up.

Setting up the San Andreas Fire Rescue service, so going to need some hose handlers to test things out. Also added the FivePD bot to our Discord to test things out with that as well.

Things are slowing down with Christmas looming around the corner, but we are still working on things and need testers and idea makers.

Plans after the holidays is to start down sizing large files so we can get rid of the error messages. And then of course to start testing the various scripts.

Took a little extra time off than expected but am back to the grind of testing things. We have had to scale back a little bit but that gives us the ability to concentrate on things instead of being spread thin.

Still testing agencies. Downsizing vehicles to eliminate size errors. Even adding fleet skins so every patrol car will look unique instead of all exactly the same with the same numbers on them, etc. This includes a decal on them to honor real life fallen officers and fire fighters, just our little tribute to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

I’ll post more in our dev diaries in our Discord.

Still downsizing vehicles and adding in our Honor the Fallen, vehicles as well. Doing a little restructuring of agencies also. So we will be eventually looking for a Lieutenant to run the day to day operations of LSPD and a Lieutenant to run a fire house for SAFR. We will be choosing from those that get on and test and play, basically members of our community.

That has always been the intent; choose Senior Officers or Firefighters from those that come and play. Then when there are more LSPD or SAFR members, select a Sergeant or Engineer from those. Then with more members promote from within to get a Lieutenant for each agency. This also means that the initial deputies for BCSO will also come from members not walk-ins. :wink:

We will NOT be considering anyone that walks in the door and claims they have experience, we are looking for proof of activity and experience. If this means staff have to run those agencies until such a time as someone earns a lieutenant bar, so be it, we have been doing that for a while anyway. LOL

With the winter holiday break over, I intend to get back to work on testing as well as reskinning vehicles. But this also means that work on our San Andreas Commission on Law Enforcement (SACOLE) and San Andreas Commission on Fire Protection (SACFP) programs will begin again. Again, we may be turning to our community members for assistance on these as well.

Off today and tomorrow so more catch up work to be done. Trouble shooting and working on vehicles.

Still looking for initial members to test scripts and join the departments; LSPD and SAFR. Folks that join now will skip probationary officers/firefighters and if they are active in the following few weeks of joining will be ranked as senior officers/firefighters. The plan is to select a Sergeant and an Engineer (or two) as the membership of those agencies grows. Eventually should membership reach around ten or so (per department) then a Lieutenant will be selected from those active in the community.

This also means that said lieutenant(s) will eventually be the faction leader, taking on the duty of running the day to day operation of the faction (LSPD or SAFR). I also have the intention of selection a couple of deputies for Blaine County SO, these will come from active members of the community, not necessarily LSPD… but most likely. :wink: Training Officers/Firefighters and Field Training personnel can be of any rank and just takes someone being interested in assisting in that development.

Should our community grow large enough we do have plans to open Sandy Shores or even Paleto Bay fire stations. And with enough interest a Paleto Bay PD would be considered as well.

Just all about growth and activity of members.

Had a bit of an EUP issue, but that has been resolved. Though do have to recreate some of the SASP uniforms again with the new pack.

Still looking for LSPD and SAFR members that may one day become supervisors and eventually command personnel. Also, looking for instructors, field training officers, and other volunteers.

Light couple of days due to work kicking my backside. So just reorganized the training program and worked on a document or two.

Saw several people made characters but no one joined the Discord. Still looking for LSPD and SAFR members to actively test things and to eventually become supervisors and command personnel.