San Andreas department of public safety | | V menu | A semi-serious roleplay server with custom cars and a custom EUP and active whitelisted LEO and staff |

Welcome to San Andreas department of public safety. We are an engaging FiveM community that revolves around GTARP with a serious approach to roleplay. We have recently Whitelisted LEO to better the roleplay, and it has signifyingly worked, although our player count has lowered the roleplay has gotten way better! We have a very kind community; everyone is willing to help when needed. we offer a ton of custom cars, and we have a custom EUP made by the owner! We are looking for more active LEO with quality roleplay. Our staff applications are open so is our development applications. We have three sub-discords for our three LEO departments which are being monetized by staff at all times. Our development team is always working on the server to improve it every day. We make our own liveries for our LEO vehicles to suit the department. We hope you’ll join us in our quality roleplay server that’s constantly getting better!!

-Sincerely Moderator Braedon