Same PC splitscreen/multiscreen

I am having problems running and connecting two copies of FiveReborn on the same computer to a local server, I can get 2 copies to run but the second copy has the yellow rockstar/CitizenFX ROS logo covering the server list 99% of the time .If I connect to the local server the two players cannot see each other and 99% of the time one of the copies loads into single player mode and the other says its in multiplayer. Sometimes I can get them both to connect in Multiplayer mode but the result is the same, The thing is the chat system is working on both and also my client-server-client functions are working on both so they ARE connected to the server I even get the confirmation print in the server from the function I added to chatMessageEntered eventhandler on server (if message == ‘cash’ then print(‘match’))
Using the function to display all players in the server from Enhanced Reborn menu it states that the session is empty on the copy connected in MP mode and states that its not connected to a session on the copy running SinglePlayer mode (but it must be?, just not syncing correctly). I’m rather confused and any help would be appreciated.

Port forwarding has been setup on the router.
Tried with and without (1 running .dev, the other not running .dev, both running .dev.,both not running .dev…)
I have tried connecting one directly to the pc on and the other to 192.168.x.x , both to, both to 192.168… (all connect but same results)
Pulled my hair out
Tried running one copy in sandbox (can’t get it to load sandboxed)
Tried running one copy on another user account using ASTER multi seat (same results as running on same user without aster)
Running as admin
One copy works fine and can play fine on other servers too.

This you problem, “FiveReborn on the same computer”. Or do you mean 2 different computers on the same network.


I am trying to run 2 copies on the same computer on different monitors.

I can do it with this mod

but the syncing on that mod is terrible, you can do 360’s on the spot and it looks like you have not moved uinless you walk somewhere then it faces you in the direction you are moving not the direction you are facing…

Plus this mod is better in soo many other ways, really sad I cant play splitscreen/multiscreen on the 1 pc I only want it to connect locally not play other servers this should be allowed with 2 copies running .dev
Was hoping to get started on writing an antihack script for servers but I am not unless I can get this working… It would be awesome too, check out bowen dayz hacks they where quite popular lol, to beat a hacker you have to think like a hacker :smiley:

I don’t thinks is possible to run a program on the same computer unless it was coded to do it like run multiple chrome browsers at the same time. etc.
and that mod CO-OP is real bad. plus why don’t you try to run a virtual machine on the computer.

if you press HOME key it shuld remove that logo of citizen fx.