○ System report
○ Advanced noclip.
○ Fully configurable.
○ FR and EN translation (EN not yet finished)
○ Full vehicle option
○ Permission system without going through the database(add as many grades as you want)
○ Full log discord
○ Notification system included (you can choose to use it or not)
○ Screenshot included (you can choose to use it or not).
○ Save your character
○ Add as many ped as you want
○ You can add your translations
○ You can save your vehicles in the menu
○ You can put props and add what you want in the Config
○ Giveweapon in the config choose if its in item or not
○ Online player option (compatible for onsync infinity)
○ Ability to wipe a player
○ Search by player name
○ Anti execute my trigger

compatible with any esx version

Full menu is optimized still in development for more than 1 years regular update active support very low price

Preview = ML_Admin Update - YouTube
tebex = https://mlshop.tebex.io/package/5293718

| Code is accessible | No |
| Subscription-based | N/A |
| Lines (approximately) | N/A |
| Requirements | esx |
| Support | Yes |

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locales? For german ?

no but you can create it ^^

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Ok thank you, looks very good :slight_smile:

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yes there will soon be a discord bot to manage the server without having to log in