[SALE] [PAID] Aquiver - Distillery Hobby (job, property, system)

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Please read the whole documentation or ask on our Discord before buying it.


Cellar System (Interior)

  • Creating & deleting & modifying cellar(s) ingame through custom NUI panel.
  • Buy & Trade
  • Lock / Unlock
  • Lock / Unlock


  • Configurable through config file
  • Custom dimensional manager for Objects / Players / Particles / Peds, etc. (through the Aquiver API)
  • Custom attachment handler
  • Changing market prices
  • Raycast on objects / peds
  • Option to turn the resource as illegal job. (the map will show a radarblip which will shrink with time)
  • Locale files ready (for EN & HU)
  • & more, please watch the video for full understanding

Custom props / MLO

  • Winecellar (interior)
  • 2 barrels
  • 2 crates
  • bottler
  • 3 buckets
  • fruit grinder
  • wooden barrel (fixed raycast)


Depends on many things, if you have more objects/particles and other entities on your server, then it will be more of course.
On clientside it was around 0-0.5ms around, it depends again on the raycast intervals and others which are changable through config.


Code is accessible There is an open-source version
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 4-5000
Requirements oxmysql, ox-inventory, onesync, aquiver_lua_api
Support Yes

This is really dope, different and in depth. Awesome to see the custom props and shell
sny ability to use another inventory?

There are not that many inventory functions, you do not need to scroll through the whole code any modify things.

inventory functions in the _external.lua file:

And we have one more for the bucket item use:

exports("avp_bucket", function(event, item, inventory, slot, data)
    local Player = Server.PlayerManager:get(inventory.id)
    if not Player then return end

    if ServerAPI.Editor:isStarted(Player) then return end

    ServerAPI.Editor:StartForPlayer(Player, "prop_bucket_02a")
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bro its fantastic work man nice work

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Amazing :slight_smile:

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Hey we really want to get this, is there any way to get some support while i go thru this to configure it to MF inventory?

is the onesync infinity issue fix? because i encountered an issue where the props are spawning in other players without doing the job

hi boss pwede maka pasok sa olympus server?

I am having an issue when i go to market to buy items, i click on options and nothing happens. No errors or anything?

What frameworks does this work with?

After quite some time and upgrading to the open source, i got this working with my inventory system.

I gotta say this is a TOP SHELF SCRIPT!
however if you DO NOT have dependencies, ox_inventiry do not buy anything other than the OPEN SOURCE version. there is some stuff youll have to edit to get it properly working but this shit is so dope!

Many thanks!

Bought open source, market doesnt work , command acellar doesnt work, no UI.

No channel on discord for ticket or support.
Support 0/10

If you dont support resource , remove it from tebex dont scam ppl.