Saints & Sinners RP

Server Name: Saints & Sinners RP

Discord: Vandal City / Saints and Sinners

Description Of Server:
Very new community looking to grow :slight_smile: (we have a core)
We currently could use a bit of everything! And are very story driven.

Will need to join Discord and get the RedM role to be able to play!

We recently opened up Blackwater as our main town of residence hoping to expand to other towns soon as well!


We encourage strong inclusive RP, at the end of the day the server is built by the people who share its walls we welcome everyone to come check out Saints And Sinners RP.

There are 4 unique classes that a player will choose when creating their character. Gunslinger, Hunter, Pioneer and Native, (Currently This Feature is Under Development), These can add a certain RPG aspect to role play if you’d like but by no means locks you into a type of persona or character.

The server itself is in a beta stage, still actively being worked on and growing and polishing of some new and existing features. Feel free to join our discord get the roles and create an account on our forums and throw in those suggestions.


Unique quests/storyline that we will explore as we go

Unique class and skill system with progression rewards (Still under development)

Unique items/crafting recipes that can only be found through treasure hunts or completing missions/jobs

Camp and Posse system completely coded by our dev, better than the paid ones

Tons of interactive camp items as well as 100’s of craftable furniture items to decorate your camp/home

Craftable hats that require specific (perfect) pelt

Sell raw materials or craft things using your camp objects (to sell or use!)

All your standard gunsmithing/saloon owning jobs but there are many more you can create yourself

Many whitelisted jobs such as gunsmith, horse trainer, saloon owner, leo, medical, blacksmith and more.

[Moonshine/Drugs]: Anyone can make moonshine but you first need to make the Mash. There is a spot somewhere on the map that allows you to process moonshine mash and heroin from opium (heroin requires a recipe). There are also better moonshine recipes that can be used to create better ($$) versions of moonshine.

[Unique Recipes/Items]: Some things will require a recipe which can only be found by selling carcasses(found in the stomach), completing bounties(when collecting evidence), hunting jobs (after turning it in) as well as from treasures that randomly spawn on your map (make sure you have a shovel first) Items (so far) that require a recipe item:

• Heroin

• Redflame Moonshine

• Blueflame Moonshine

• 100kg Storage Chest (consumes on craft)

• 200kg Storage Chest (consumes on craft)

If you have any questions feel free to let us know!

That discord link don’t work lol

Strange it worked for me, I will generate you a new one :slight_smile: <3