Sad what this server became

I spent so much time and money in this server. Had so many good experiences here but I decided to take a break. When I came back after several months I was falsely banned with the owner claiming I was “talking shit in discord and advertising other servers.” Interesting, how could I have done this when my last post in the discord was 3 months ago? Opened a ticket just to get no response, then a non response, every admin was confused as to why I was banned, then banned from the discord after no response for 2 days. I used to love it here and recommended it to everyone just getting into RP as it had such a good base of people. Sadly it has turned into nothing but a money grab and a push to get rid of people with a lot of time in city. I’ve got something like 1200+ hours in this city alone and this is how I get treated? It’s shameful really. Avoid this city, though there are good people it became a danny fest full of unenforced RDM, VDM, and KoS people.

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