S_jobcenter NUI

How i can config a real job with this. im new in creating servers so i want to learn something. I would apprecciate help cause this one dont add real jobs just one menu.


I don’t really understant what you are looking for ?
Are you trying to make a new job or to add it to this menu ?

I want to add a real job and i want to configure it with the menu. For example i click on the miner job and it port me on the place where the job is and i will start doing job (another downloaded script)

Uh so, that would change a chunk of the main script and I am not really going to do that since I am working on other stuff. But the script is free and open to modification so feel free


First is it necessary to update the script any bug fixes or just allows you to change the name, im fine with keeping the orig name, also can you assist with creating two notifications cause my current hud it hides a bit of the notification and adding one more “blank” notification would help it out


  • No the test branch does not fix any fixes but depending on when you install the main version (last update 13-07) it fix a small issue made by me (Not really important just the coords of the blip)

For the notification part could you contact me in pm so we can talk in an easier way ? My info are in the readme